Effects of Urbanisation: A look at marginalised women’s mental health

Women's mental health

(Photo: Dan Myers on Unsplash.com)

Dr Syeda Ruksheda is the co-Chair of women’s mental health speciality section of Indian Psychiatric Society.

An eminent psychiatrist and psychotherapist, she has specialised in young adults, women and families, in a career spanning 20 years.

She also has two TEDx talks to her credit.

In this video she talks to Malathi Rai, who wrote the concept, story, screen-play and lyrics of Smile Simi, a film on depression released on World Mental Health Day this year.

Syeda and Malathi discuss the mental health pressures on women from marginalised sections of the society and how tough it is for such women to access mental health.

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About Malathi Rai 3 Articles
Malathi Rai is Vice President- HR & Facilities in an MNC. A restless maveric, she has worked in rural Maharashtra for over 8 years and adopted 5 villages. She has addressed several issues in these villages including promoting local craft (Warli), addressing the water issue (rain water harvesting), women's empowerment and teaching the villagers to grow vegetables in addition to Rice and Nachni, during the rains. She started a school, modelled on Anand Kumar's Super 30 to bring high quality education to village children.