How to prevent viral fevers other than COVID-19

Preventive measures to avoid viral fevers

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The threats induced by COVID-19 continue to warn the masses against large crowds and uncovered faces. Since masking became the norm, cases of flu viruses and common colds saw a rapid decline, but have resurfaced with the onset of the monsoon season. This might bring confusions in diagnoses, and people might wonder if they have COVID-19 or a viral fever. With so many viruses in the air, it is important to understand the differences between them for an accurate diagnosis and preventive practice.

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Mumbai | Masking norms had reduced cases of common colds and viral fevers

Dr. Souradipta Chandra has over eleven years of experience in the medical field. He has worked with COVID-19 patients extensively, and has in-depth knowledge of the virus. In this video he answers some frequently asked questions about protection from other viral as well as parasitic fevers.

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