Mumbai votes in Assembly elections: MLA choices for Kurla, Kalina, Vile Parle and Wadala

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019

Wadala is among the constituencies that will go to polls on Monday. Pic: Wikimedia Commons/ Shyam Bhagat

On Monday, October 21st, Maharashtra will be voting to elect the members to its Legislative Assembly. Take a look at the profiles of candidates in the fray in the four key constituencies of Kurla, Kalina, Vile Parle and Wadala.

Constituency: Kurla

Incumbent MLA: Mangesh Kudalkar, Shiv Sena

Name, Education & Profession Party Assets Pending Court Case Ratings* Agenda
Ratnakar Daware LLB


All India Majlis E-Ittehadul Muslimeen 9.09 Lakh None Will work with the Vidhi mandal in making and improving policies for better employment, education. Slum rehabilitation, improving the drainage system, local road transport
Ganesh Shinde



Ambedkarite Party Of India 3.66 Lakh None Did not share
Nitin Bhosale 9th Std.


Bahujan Samaj Party 4.25 Lakh None Redevelopment of slums with homes, parks, schools, anti-landlordism,improving roads, machines in hospital
Appasaheb Avchare M.A.


Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 51.28 Lakh 8 Did not share
Milind Kamble SSC


Nationalist Congress Party 1.64 Crore 2 Did not share
Mangesh Kudalkar SSC


Shiv Sena 2.14 Crore None Did not share

Constituency: Kalina

Incumbent MLA: Sanjay Potnis, Shiv Sena

Name, Education & Profession Party Assets Pending Court Case Ratings* Agenda
Mohammed Sayed



All India Majlis E-Ittehadul Muslimeen 12.66 Lakh None Did not share
Laxman Kaikadi 9th Std.


Ambedkarite Party Of India 23.15 Lakh None Rehabilitation for demolished homes, toilets
Tafajjul Khan 8th Std.


Bahujan Maha Party 1.22 Lakh None To solve water & toilet problems, address the issue of relocation of people affected by road development and also of slum dwellers along the pipe from Kurla to Parel.
Vinod More 9th Std.


Bahujan Samaj Party 1.23 Lakh None Against corruption of SRA, betterment of BMC school and against corruption in MMRDA and provision to give house to slum people
Shorab Shaikh

5th Std.


Bhartiya Bhaichara Party 6.88 Lakh None Will work towards welfare.
Pradeep Nambiar LLB


Independent 4.42 Crore None A law for unused FSI for builders to redevelop,legal permission for gaothans, roads, cleansing & beautification of Mithi river, accountability of 1000 crores already spent on Mithi river, garbage recycling for environment & energy.
Vishal Satpute



Independent 83.33 Thousand None Will fight against electricity price rise, sewage systems, construct biggest library in Kalina 
Javed Shaikh HSC


Independent 1.52 Crore none Did not share
George Abraham B.Sc.


Indian National Congress 3.53 Crore None Protect residents facing displacement, Bhabha hospital upgrade,SRA disputes,ration office in Kurla west, ensure security of women
Sanjay Turde SSC


Maharashtra Navnirman Sena 58.45 Lakh 31 Employment & rehabilitation of slums adjacent to airport
Gayatri Jaiswal HSC


Peasants and Workers Party of India 6.58 Thousand None Education, drainage, roads, safety of women & children, access to legal rights for women
Ismail Shaikh 8th Std.


Samajwadi Party 43.94 Lakh None Will construct a hospital, engineering college, roads, water logging, toilets, access to government services for the poor & old
Sanjay Potnis SSC


Shiv Sena 4.04 Crore 18 Did not share
Manisha Jadhav

5th Std.


Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 20.53 Lakh None Did not share

Constituency: Wadala

Incumbent MLA: Nilkanth Kolambkar, BJP

Name, Education & Profession Party Assets Pending Court Case Ratings* Agenda
Mohd. Khan B.Com.


All India Minorities Front 50 Thousand None I will work for senior citizens, for youth, for schools, alleviate hunger and for sports.
Nilkanth Kolambkar SSC


Bharatiya Janata Party 27.51 Lakh None Did not share
Yashwant Waghmare HSC

Interior designer

Independent 20 Thousand None Did not share
Shivkumar Lad



Indian National Congress 4.86 Crore None Did not share
Anand Prabhu B.Com.

Salaried employee

Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 97.68 Lakh None Corruption, redevelopment of BDD chawls, police quarters, SRA & dilapidated buildings, skill development, water logging.
Lakshman Pawar


Ex Deputy Inspector

Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 4.09 Crore None Did not share

Constituency: Vile Parle

Incumbent MLA : Parag Alavani, BJP

Name, Education & Profession Party Assets Pending Court Case


Parag Alavani LLB


Bharatiya Janata Party 23.34 Crore None Did not share
Sunny Jain 8th Std.


Bhartiya Manvadhikaar Federal Party 1.09 Crore None Did not share
Rajendra Nandagawali



Independent 10 Thousand None Creation of Toilets/Sauchalays, raise my voice for job creation, 550 sqft of living space per family for slum dwellers.
Jayanti Siroya 7th Std.

Auto driver

Indian National Congress 4.45 Crore None Did not share
Juilee Shende B.MS.


Maharashtra Navanirman Sena 2.3 Crore None Did not share
Sundar Padmukh B.Sc, B.Ed

Tea stall owner

Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi 5.33 Lakh None Did not share

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* Pending Court Case Ratings are calculated based on a mathematical formula which assigns 1 Red Flag for each minor criminal charge and 2 to 5 Red Flags for each charge of fraud, violent crimes, rape, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, murder under the Indian Penal Code

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